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Parenting Communication Workshop with Life Coach P

10:00 AM TO 12:00 AM

As per research done by BBC, “The kaleidoscope of personality is shaken and where the pieces land is of profound importance – long-term studies show that the traits that appear in our teenage years are predictive of a wide range of outcomes in life, including academic success and risk of unemployment”. Therefore, the purpose of this session is to empower parents with tools that could help them navigate difficult conversations with their teens and get an overview of how to build a success mindset when parenting teens. 

As we all understand, each child is different and therefore one common approach to all children does not work. So the most important element of the workshop is how one can understand what is right in the context of their own teen. This workshop will also help you understand where to really draw the line between being a parent and a friend. And to give you the confidence you need to keep recalibrating yourself as often as you need to but understand why it is imperative to continue to have those difficult conversations, because if you don't, who will? If you want to use your voice to empower or to influence, then this is a workshop for you!!


Pooja has decided to commit her personal and professional future to the empowerment of others. Through her own transformative journey, she is a strong proponent of how it is our own narrative that defines how we live our lives. She helps people re-author their own narratives and break the shackles of their limiting beliefs. She is the master of creating a space that allows people to BELIEVE.

Venue: VIA WEBINAR (Zoom) Session


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