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Notice of 15th Annual General Meeting

01:40 PM TO 04:00 PM


1. Welcome address by the President 

2. To confirm the minutes of the 14th Annual General Meeting held on Saturday, 29 June 2019 

3. To receive the Annual Report of the Management Committee for 2019~20 

4. To receive and, if approved, adopt the Audited Statement of Accounts for the year ended 31st Dec 2019. 

5. To Appoint a Certified Public Accountant as external Auditor. M/s Natrajan and Swaminathan has given his acceptance to be reappointed, if approved by the house. 

6. To deal with any other business for which notice in writing has been received by the Secretary at least 7 days prior to the AGM. 

7. To elect Office Bearers of the Management Committee for the period of 2020~2022. 

8. To elect Committee Members of the Management Committee for the Period of 2020~2022 

9. Vote of thanks.

10. Farewell message by outgoing president and welcome address by newly elected president.  

Following documents are attached here with this Notice: ( Please click on the link below to see/download the attachment )   

(1) Minutes of 14th AGM held on 29th june 2019  

(2) Audited Statement of Accounts for period ended 31st Dec 2019

(3) Nomination Form for the Election of Office Bearers and Committee Members   

(4) Secretarial report for Management Committee for 2019-20

Election Committee:

Election Committee has been formed with Mr Santosh Kr Tibarewala and Mr Suresh Chand Gupta as members, as per clause 7.11 (b) of the constitution.

Guidelines for Webinar:  

  1. AGM can be attended strictly by Members only.
  2. Members are requested to Log in to Webinar (Zoom) by name of Principal Member only.
  3. Members are requested to clear the dues by 23rd June 20 and only paid members will be allowed to attend the AGM
  4. To maintain to decorum and conduct AGM smoothly request members to send there questions 7 days prior to AGM to the Secretary.
  5. If any comment or question, members are requested to show there hand.
  6. Members will be requested to log in to Zoom on AGM day and wait in the waiting area. Upon verification Host will allow the member to enter the meeting.
For detail procedure of election please note below from constitution  



(a) The Committee while calling for AGM in the year of the election, shall decide and announce date, time and place for receiving nomination papers and also date and time for withdrawal of nominations. 
(b) The Committee shall form an election committee of not more than 3 persons who themselves are not candidate for any post. 
(c) Nomination of the candidate has to be proposed and seconded by two different members. All three must have paid their dues before the nomination date, failing which nomination will be rejected. Candidates proposed should be eligible for election as per clauses 8.1 and 8.2 
(d) The nomination papers to be opened and scrutinized by election officers in the presence of the office bearers designated by the committee. The Election officer will advise final list of eligible candidates to the Secretariat after the cut-off time for withdrawal of nominations. 
(e) At least five days before the AGM date, the Secretary shall send email circular to all members giving details of all the candidates proposed for each post. 
(f) Election shall be held in two phases by simple majority vote of the members present. In the first phase, election will be held for five office bearers only. The election of six ordinary committee members shall follow taking into account the requirement of number of additional Citizens as per clause 8.1a of the constitution 
(g) Election result will be certified and announced by the election officer(s) at the AGM 
(h) The term of the new Committee shall start immediately after the AGM 
(i) Completed Nomination form to be submitted to the Election Comissioner Office at 10 Anson Road , #22-08A International Plaza , Singapore 079903 - on or before 17th June 2020 by 4.00pm
As per Rule 8(b) of constitution any candidate for the MC must have joined as a member of the mandal in the previous calendar year before the AGM at which his name is proposed. 
(1) All dues of the Candidate (s), Proposer and Seconder to be cleared before the date of filing the nomination.
(2) Candidate (s) for the post of President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer should be Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident. Majority of Committee Members should be Singapore Citizen (Rule # 8 of the Constitution )
(3) Self-attested copy of NRIC / Employment Pass of the candidate (s) to be attached with the form.
(4) Nomination Form to be submitted in original only. Nomination by fax or any other electronic media will not be accepted.
(5) Completed Nomination form to be submitted to the Election Comissioner Office, on or before 17th June 2020 by 4.00pm at 10 Anson Road, #22-08A International Plaza, SIngapore 079903
(6) Nomination (s) can be withdrawn on or before 19th June 2020 by 4.00pm

With Best Wishes

Puneet Jain


Marwari Mitra Mandal (Singapore) 


Venue: VIA WEBINAR (Zoom) Session

1. Minutes_of_the_14th_Annual_General_Meeting-144  Download
2. MMM_2019_audited_accounts__20200508_0001_compressed-144  Download
3. MMM_NOMINATION_FORM_2020-144  Download


Marwari Mitra Mandal (Singapore) Constitution