Events of Association


Bhajan Sandhya 2019

06:00 PM TO 08:30 PM

Members who are interested in singing bhajans can contact: 
Mr. Prakash Jhanwer @ 98627401 or 
Mr. Praveen Singhavi @ 90056314 or 
Mr. Anil Srivastav @ 96155007. 

Kindly express your interest in singing by 1st June’19. Basis overall interest, we might need to organise an audition on Sunday, 2nd June’19.

A special request to existing Bhajan Groups to perform in the Bhajan Sandhya as a group. We can provide specific timeslots for the respective Bhajan groups.

Kindly indicate whether you would be able to join. This will help us planning for the event and prasad.

Look forward to seeing you all and create a pious & divine atmosphere on 9th June’19.

Venue: Sindhu House, 795, Mountbatten Road, Singapore


Marwari Mitra Mandal (Singapore) Constitution