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BADMINTON TOURNAMENT with SGS on 20 January 2019

01:00 PM TO 10:00 PM

We will be organising some inhouse practice/ selection sessions. The reigstration will cover these costs as well. 

The format  agreed upon is 


  • Men’s Doubles – 5 pairs
  • Women’s doubles – 3 pairs
  • Mixed Doubles – 3 pairs
  • Under 16 gender neutral doubles – 3 pairs

    Each team will play a total of 3 matches. Mens doubles will be against lots as to which team plays which team. So total of 42 matches to be played. 

Point system

  • 3 games of 21 points per match
  • One match win equals to one point
  • In case some team wins 2 games then no need to play the 3rd game.
  • In case the 2 societies draw at 21 points each, there will be a final tie breaker game where each society can send a random pair. The winner of that game wins the cup. 

  • There will be draws each time the next round is to be played to decide on the pair against which the matches will be played.
  • No last minute changes allowed in pairing and in case of injury the opposite team gets the point.
  • Each player can play in only one category, except women who will be allowed to participate in the Mixed doubles as well as the Women’s doubles.
In case you are interested in registering please register with any of the following people

Himanshu Biyani - 98330347

Anuj Goel - 93370455

Praveen Singhavi - 90056314

Pallav Moona - 96376240

Venue: Singapore Swimming Club


Marwari Mitra Mandal (Singapore) Constitution